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Marie Kondo Visits The Ellen DeGeneres Office Video

This Guy Was in For a Rude Awakening When Marie Kondo Walked Into His Clusterf*ck of an Office

Marie Kondo can clean up anything, right? Her KonMari method has transformed disastrous closets, unbearable toy buckets, and even Jennifer Garner's junk drawer, but when she walked into The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she faced what appeared to be her most difficult challenge yet: tidying up a clusterf*ck of an office. Ellen described her writer Troy as someone who frequents the "free pile," meaning he takes a bunch of random crap that employees were sent and didn't want, and he's filled his office to the brim with all of it.

Sure, he has an entire wall covered in photos of his family (*cue the awws*), but that kitty cat tissue box holder with tissues coming out of the butt doesn't necessarily "spark joy." Troy was in for a rude awakening when Marie entered his office, but her face when she opened his never-ending drawer of pens said it all. Watch the hilarious video above, and Troy, if your Kim Kardashian tree topper needs a new home, I'm happy to provide it with one.

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