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MattyB True Colors Video

Kid Rapper MattyB Shows the "True Colors" of Kids With Down Syndrome

It's hard to improve on a Cyndi Lauper classic, but MattyB managed to do that and more. The 11-year-old rapper recently released a video that has special meaning to his family and millions of others around the world. Jumping off Lauper's "True Colors," MattyB and fellow YouTube sensation Olivia Kay sing about the social struggles kids with Down syndrome face. The video shows MattyB's sister, Sarah, being shunned and then accepted by her peers. MattyB hopes his video will put an end to the bullying that goes on in schools today, and not just toward people with Down syndrome.

"Sarah is just like any other normal kid," he tells Good Morning America. "Some people at school might pick on her for her needs, but I don't think anybody should be bullied because of what they have."

Well said — or rather, well sung — MattyB!

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