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Mean Comments About Kid's Kitchen Playset

This Dad Had the Perfect Response to Haters Who Called His Son Awful Names For Wanting a Play Kitchen

For his second birthday, one little boy got an amazing kitchen playset that his parents made from an old piece of furniture. It turned out SO well, and the birthday boy's parents were excited to share their creation with the Internet by posting the photo gallery to Reddit.

While thousands of people loved it and commended the parents on their awesome DIY skills, others had some really mean things to say. People commented saying things like "faggot" and that this would "turn him gay". And you know what the boy's father had to say?

"F*ck you. Any time we go to our local science center, or to the children's museum, he always wants to play in the kitchen playset area. He always wants to watch us cook and likes being involved, so we thought this would be a good idea. Furthermore, if my kid wanted a barbie doll i would get it for him. If that is what he wants, then that is what he wants. Its his decision what he wants to play with. Not mine."

Best response ever. Here's to letting your kids be whoever they want to be.

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