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Michelle Obama Brought Baby Daughter to Job Interview

You'll Never Guess Who Michelle Obama Once Brought to a Job Interview

Before she had a staff to help with daily tasks, First Lady Michelle Obama was a regular working mom. This presented many challenges for the mother of two, who was often forced to combine her work and home life. Case in point: bringing a 4-month-old Sasha on a job interview.

"Who I was at the time was a breastfeeding mother of a 4-month-old and I didn't have a babysitter, so I promptly took Sasha to the interview with me," Obama said at the White House Working Families Summit this past Monday. "I thought, look, this is who I am. I've got a husband who's away. I've got two little babies. They are my priority. If you want me to do the job, you've got to pay me to do the job and you've got to give me flexibility."

Obama's honesty landed her the job, but she realizes that not every employer is as understanding. During the summit, both she and President Obama pointed out the flaws in modern-day employment and added that putting family first can actually put people in jeopardy.

"They [moms and dads] are not being recruited necessarily where they can dictate terms of employment," President Obama said. "As a consequence, if they need to bring their mom to the doctor or take an afternoon off to see their kid's school play, it would mean them losing income that they can't afford to lose."

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