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Midwife Rides Inflatable Swan to Deliver Baby

The Reason This Midwife Is Riding an Inflatable Swan Is Actually Amazing

Midwives will do anything to get to a birth! Riding a swan to get off my flooded street and make it to the birth center! Thanks,Celeste! You gave me a great ride!

Posted by Cathy Allen Rude on Monday, April 18, 2016

"Midwives will do anything to get to a birth," Cathy Allen Rude said on her Facebook post featuring a photo of her sporting a huge grin on the back of an inflatable swan. When overnight rain in Houston caused major flooding, nothing was about to stop Rude from getting to the Katy Birth Center on Monday to deliver a baby, so when she saw her neighbor cruising on the back of a giant swan, it was the perfect opportunity to ask for a ride.

Talk about dedication! Read her full post above.

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