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Mom Asks That Terminally Ill Son Passes Away Soon

Mom Pens Agonizing Note Praying That Her Terminally Ill Son No Longer Has to Suffer

No parent ever wants to see their children in pain, but after watching her 5-year-old son Joshua's health rapidly deteriorate, Nicola McCormack is asking to "end this suffering." Last year, Joshua was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and after pulling through a serious surgery, his tumor was declared fatal. The little boy could not handle the chemotherapy, and a year later is still in miserable pain. Nicola recently penned a gut-wrenching note asking for this to be the end.

"Please end this suffering so my boy can be free of pain both physically and mentally," she wrote on Facebook. "The torture is unbearable to watch. The misery he feels is unthinkable, his now useless body is twisted with pain. No parent should wish her previously happy beautiful perfect boy should leave this world at 5 years old, but staying here is torturous."

Although it may seem ridiculous that a parent would wish for their child to pass away, Nicola's heart is continuously breaking with each day her son has to suffer more pain. "Fly free baby boy, your mind and body needs eternal rest after this torture you have been through," she continued. "You are such a special boy and Mummy's broken heart will never leave you or love anyone as I love you! Such a cruel waste of the most loving, pure, and selfless soul."

Nicola's message and Joshua's story are unbelievably heartbreaking, but her message is spreading to support cancer research and make sure no one has to suffer the way Joshua has been.

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