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Mom Comic Parenting Cartoon Strips

17 Hands-Down Hysterical Comics That Depict What Being a Mom Is Really Like

Mom Comic Parenting Cartoon Strips
Image Source: Mom Comic

Cartoonist Chelsea Carr didn't always use her personal life as inspiration for her illustrations, but becoming a mom puts a whole new filter on life, and before she knew it, her comics evolved into cathartic yet hilarious riffs on the "joys" of pregnancy and parenthood.

Now, she has a website, Mom Comic, and she posts weekly strips about her experiences as a first-time mother. From the real reason new moms get a gym membership to flow charts on how to decide whether to vaccinate your kids, Carr's sense of humor rings true for anyone who's had a wooden toy thrown at their knee just when the previous bruise was starting to clear up.

Although fellow in-the-trenches parents are sure to relate, Carr told POPSUGAR that her goal in creating these comics is actually to give her toddler son an archive that he can enjoy when he's older. Until then, she picked out 17 of her favorite strips for us to enjoy right now.

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