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Mom's Facebook Post About the Struggles of Motherhood

Mom's Honest Post About the Roller Coaster of Raising Children Should Go Viral

A mother of twins is using social media to speak up about the roller coaster of motherhood, and she has us nodding our heads in agreement like we never have before. Jess Wheller, the blogger behind That Twin Mama, recently made a Facebook post in which she eloquently summed up how raising children has its ups and downs.

She starts her post on a positive note, describing how motherhood has brought her so much joy. "On a daily basis I look at my children and feel unbelievably lucky," she wrote. But then she switched things up and got raw and real about the downsides that need to be addressed.

"I'm exhausted. My brain is tired, my body is tired, I feel shattered. I've realised that I — like most mamas — do. not. stop. I rarely sit down from the moment I drag myself out of bed until the moment I kiss my bubs goodnight. It's now been more than 18 months of this, and it's hit me. In fact, it's whacked me in face. Although I have clearly gained something so wonderful — beyond wonderful, in fact — in my twin babies, I've also lost something in the process — me. I'm a walking, talking, parenting machine. My mind is forever focused on 'mumlife'. Entertaining my babes, comforting them, dealing with tantrums, feeding and picking up after them, keeping them out of danger, laughing with them, loving them — being a mum."

Jess went on to talk about how day after day, she ends up plopping on the couch with "not an ounce of energy for anything else." Been there, felt that. She touched on how she misses the relationship she had with her husband before their twins were born, along with her prechild social life, work life, and general abundance of free time. Oh, and having "a fully functioning brain," too.

The blogger also described the fact that her lack of sleep has spiraled into a sense of hopelessness. "I let my friends and family down because I'm so tired I forget everything — including calling them or even replying to a text," she wrote. "I'm always searching for things I've misplaced or likely lost. I'm constantly apologising and saying 'I'm hopeless.'" And that's when Jess flipped the switch and proved that despite all those aforementioned struggles, motherhood is just about the coolest thing since sliced bread — and a thing that mamas deserve more credit for.

"But I'm not hopeless, I'm a mum. Being a mum is a tough gig, it's unbelievably rewarding, but it's HARD. Us mamas deserve more credit, we literally keep little human beings alive and enable them to grow and develop — this is no mean feat. Sometimes I'm in tears because I feel helpless, as though I'm not strong enough to bring up two babies. Then I see my two walking, talking and learning and I realize I DID THIS. The old me who I miss is a thing of the past, and while I may miss that at times, the new me is pretty frickin amazing. And one day I won't be so damn tired . . ."

We couldn't agree more. Keep preachin' to the choir, Jess!

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