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Mom's Funny Video on Diaper Blowouts

1 Mom Has Advice For When Your Baby "Smells Like He Just Sh*t Out a Dead Man" in Public

I'm always happy to confirm that, yes, your baby has a stank ass diaper. Yes, he has shat himself. Yes, you need to change him post haste. Society AND your baby thank you 👏🏻

Posted by What Tara Wood Do on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Don't get us wrong, talking to your baby like they're a full-fledged adult comes with the territory, and is perfectly acceptable in most situations, except for one: the public diaper blowout. One writer, Tara Wood, has some advice for any parent who finds themselves in that, ahem, shitty situation in a hilarious video.

Wood's car confession was inspired by a recent trip to Target, where she witnessed firsthand what happened when a baby who she referred to as "Jameson" had the blowout of all blowouts.

"If you are in public with your baby who has obviously had like catastrophic diarrhea, or something, and has this horrific odor around him that has weight and mass and there's this green sort of fog circulating around him and she smells like he just shit out a dead man, um, everybody else can smell that, too," she said.


Her advice? Rather than asking your child who can't speak yet if he had an accident, head to the bathroom ASAP. The mom also goes on to explain that "when you're in a store, people are breathing the same air and no one wants to smell this odiferousness . . . even if it's coming from a cute little baby."

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