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Mom Gets in Trouble For Letting Her Kids Play Outside

This Mom of 3 Got in Serious Trouble For Letting Her Kids Play Outside — and She's Not Having It

A mother took to Facebook to share her unbelievable story after she was investigated for letting her kids play alone in the backyard. Jacqui Kendrick, who lives in Canada with her three kids, wrote that a "concerned citizen," had reported her to CFS after this person walked by Jacqui's house and noticed her 10-year-old and 5-year-old children were not being supervised during playtime.

This complaint launched a series of investigations, and, according to the mom, it meant having an intake worker interview her, asking, "how we discipline our children, if we drink or do drugs, if we have support, if we have enough money." Jacqui also revealed that the case worker went to her children's school to chat with them.

The whole incident left the mom unsettled, understandably so, because she wrote, "How embarrassing, and degrading for me. I am a good parent. My kids are well taken care of."

This innocuous incident contributes to a larger discussion on the freedom of one's parenting choices, which Jacqui brings up in her post. She said, "Why is all of our parenting decisions being taken away from us?" The mom acknowledged that not all parents would have agreed with her decision, but these were her children, so she rightfully has a say in how to raise them. She added that she trusts her kids, teaches them about "stranger danger," and feels her neighborhood is safe enough to let them play outdoors alone.

Though she doesn't blame the intake worker for doing her job, Jacqui asks that all future "concerned citizens" make sure they have all the facts before "turning someone's life upside down." According to the mom, even though the case is now closed, there will be a CFS file on the family for the rest of their lives.

"I will keep doing what we always do cause we did nothing wrong. I just want you all to be aware how easily this could happen to anyone," she shared.

Read her full post below.

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