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Mom's Message to Keep Sick Kids at Home

Mom's Plea to Keep Sick Kids at Home — Even If You Don't Think They're Contagious

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Update: The original Imgur post has since been removed.

Original: After a holiday dinner with family turned into a potentially life-threatening infection for her little girl, one mom is speaking out to warn all parents.

"Please. If your child has a cold, or a flu, or an upper respiratory infection, please keep them home and take care of them," Imgur user LauraCorreadaSilva shared along with a photo of her toddler in the intensive care unit. Chloe ended up hospitalized after playing with her cousin who was sick yet still came over for Christmas dinner.

According to the upset mom, her brother claimed that his daughter had a lung infection but wasn't contagious. Chloe quickly developed respiratory syncytial virus infection and the 3-year-old already suffers from asthma. Her mom shared that RSV can be very dangerous for kids with preexisting lung conditions and she is now on antibiotics and a breathing machine with her arm bandaged to keep the toddler from pulling out her IV.

Laura wrote that Chloe is fully vaccinated for her age. She explained that she's sharing her family's story to hopefully prevent others from going through what her daughter is experiencing and "as a warning that even though you may think your kid isn't contagious this can be the outcome."

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