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Mom's Passive-Aggressive Lunch Bag Notes

This Mom Started Writing Passive-Aggressive Notes on Her Kids' Lunch Bags, and LOL, Can She Write Us Some?

Mom's Passive-Aggressive Lunch Bag Notes

Any parent with kindergarten- or grade-school-age kids can attest to the difficulties of getting everyone out of the house each morning. Whether it's getting the young ones to finish their breakfast, get dressed, or get everything together, there's tons of work each and every morning. Which is precisely what inspired Whitney Cicero, the mom behind Instagram account The New Stepford, to take some of her frustrations out on lunch (you might recognize her from this hilarious Fortnite video).

Check out some of the notes the mom of two has been writing on her kids' lunch bags! We definitely have a few people we'd like to make lunch for now.

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