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Mom's Post About Foster Care Visits

1 Mom's Post About What Happens After Having Kids For a Few Years Is the Most Relatable Thing

Eliza Morrill, a mom who is just trying her dang best, recently shared a post on her Facebook page Momstrosity that plenty of foster parents can relate to. She candidly explained what exactly changes when comparing your first foster care visit to the years that follow, and we're totally losing it. She wrote:

First foster care visit:

- House is spotless

- Curled hair and business casual attire

- Casual tin of blueberry muffins on the stove

- Children are dressed and playing with age-appropriate STEM toys

After a few years:

- Cheerios and laundry everywhere

- Top knot of half-hair, half-grease, no makeup

- All my leggings are dirty (gasp!) so a weird, uneven pair of cutoff shorts will have to suffice

- We have an oven?

- One kid is trying to fit a giant plastic ball in their mouth (not possible), one is jumping out of a tree in the backyard, one is whining, and the other just spit up all over his PJs.

What can we say? Kids change everything!

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