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Mom's Post to Stop Judging Other Parents

Mom's Honest Post Will Make You Think Twice Before Ever Judging Another Parent

Laura Mazza has a message for everyone: "Don't judge me."

This mom and blogger knows that every mom has been shamed at some point and all parents are guilty of passing judgment on another at one point. However, it needs to end now. "If I complain about my children, don't say I don't love them," she wrote on Facebook. "If I say how perfect they are, don't tell me I'm too braggy."

Laura is sick of people saying that she's ranting if she's ever honest about motherhood because they didn't see how many years she felt afraid to share how alone she actually felt. She also is tired of the negative comments that people feel entitled to spew at moms no matter how a she decides to feed her baby.

"Don't judge the mother who is formula feeding. Don't call her lazy. You don't know if she struggled for months on end trying to make it work . . . You didn't see her journey," she wrote. "Don't judge the mother who breastfeeds in public. You don't know if today was the day she finally got the confidence to do it. You don't know how hard she's worked to keep that breastfeeding going."

She's also standing up for the mom who you overheard telling her kids off in public. "You don't know if she's the most patient woman in the world. You don't know that she is always gentle but today she lost her sh*t because she's tired and worn out," she wrote. "Don't call her a bad parent when you don't see all she does."

Instead of judging the mom who is on her phone or eating fast food with her kid, remember that you are only seeing a glimpse of her life and have no idea what the entire picture reveals. "Don't judge the mom who works; she's making a living for her child," she reminded. "Don't judge the mom who stays home; she's doing the job of 20 for no pay."

Laura understands that fellow parents can be your greatest source of support, but that's only if you remember that every mom has her own story:

You don't know her challenges, her strengths, her weaknesses . . . Her life, you don't know any of it. She judges herself every day, she strives for the best every day, so rather than judging, lend a smile to her, cut up her food when she breastfeeds, warm up the kettle for her formula, reassure her in her struggles and praise her victories . . . and remember before you criticize, accuse or abuse, you have to walk a mile in her shoes."
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