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Mom's Postpartum Body in a Bikini Is Shamed at the Pool

How 1 New Mom Reacted to Being Told That Her Postpartum Body Made Men Feel Uncomfortable

As Lexi Sinclair was settling in at the pool with her baby boy, an older woman approached. According to the new mom, the stranger struck up a conversation with harmless questions about her 4-month-old son but quickly made the real purpose of the chat known: she didn't approve of Lexi's swimsuit choice or her postpartum body.

Lexi stayed quiet and kissed her son on the head as a fellow woman told her that the men at the pool would feel more comfortable if she were covered in a one-piece swimsuit because bikinis aren't appropriate for moms — especially one whose body is "still recovering." Instead of losing her temper, Lexi met this woman's harsh words with a thoughtful response, which she shared on Facebook along with an empowering photo of her bikini body.

I'm proud of my body. In just one year I've gained 50 pounds, and lost 37. I've grown a human and given birth to a beautiful miracle. My body provided food for my child. So, no, my body might not be the best sight for other men to see. My stretch marks and tummy pudge might not be sexy. But they're proof that I've done something amazing, and I have a man that loves me and finds me even sexier and more beautiful now. To be honest, I don't give a tiny rats ass what other men, or a prissy twit like you think. Have a nice day though.

Read her entire post above.

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