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Mom Teaches Her Daughter How to Draw Peppa Pig

Mom Learns the Hard Way That Peppa Pig's Outline Looks Like, Um, Something Else

Much like Caillou and a few other kid shows, if your child watches Peppa Pig, you know it's usually a nightmare to endure even just one episode. However, being a good sport about her daughter's obsession with the cartoon pig, Leigh-Anne Walker decided to help instruct her little one on how to draw Peppa, starting with the outline of her head.

In a post to Facebook featuring Leigh-Anne's drawing on a Peppa Pig Magna Doodle, the mom addressed a little issue that came up when she started her daughter's drawing lesson. "This is the last time I try to teach my daughter how to draw Peppa!!!" she wrote.

We don't think we need to spell this one out for you guys, but we'll say what we've all learned today just in case: Peppa straight up looks like a penis.

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