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Mom's Text Message Life Hack

You're 100% Going to Want to Steal This Mom's "Life Hack" That Will Actually Help You Rest Once and For All

Lindsey Meehleis, a mom and midwife, knows that sometimes mothers just need to take a dang break from the rest of the world. But rather than have women turn their phones off for days on end, she's proposing another hack. Initially intended for birth coaches like herself, it can also give moms some much-needed peace and quiet. In a recent Instagram post, Lindsey crafted the perfect automatic response for mamas who simply need a little R&R. In this case, it's directly after giving birth, but after tweaking a few sentences, this handy script can apply to pretty much anything.

"Auto reply: Hi! I am recovering from a marathon birth. I have turned my phone on Do Not Disturb. If this is an emergency please call me two times in a row and my phone will bypass Do Not Disturb," the text message read. "Thank you for your understanding and your patience. I'll be in touch soon."

As you could've guessed, we definitely plan on doing this one weekend. Now, all that's left to do is figure out what to do after a few restful hours of sleep!

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