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Mom Wears Car Seat Cover as a Skirt

This Mom Mistakenly Wore a Car Seat Cover as a Skirt, and, Yeah, We're So Doing That Now

Some of the best inventions were discovered by complete accident. We wouldn't have Silly Putty, Post-it notes, chocolate chip cookies, or the Slinky without someone making an epic mistake first. And now, the world has a mom named Lori Farrell to thank for unknowingly revealing that her baby's $30 Itzy Ritzy-branded car seat cover doubles as a, ahem, chic pencil skirt.

"If you feel like a failure today, just know I wore a car seat cover that a friend gave me because I thought it was a skirt," Lori said.

Blogger Mary Katherine Backstrom shared the revelation with her followers on Facebook, which included a photo of the product and its brand-new purpose.

Still, if Lori plans to take credit for this discovery, she might have some competition. In the post's comments section, another woman hilariously shared a photo of herself donning a near-identical car seat cover. "Today years old when I realized this wasn't a skirt," she added. "You're not alone, Lori!"

If you already own a car seat cover, Lori is accepting thank-you notes. If not, you might want to consider buying one. Most of these covers come in an array of prints and are already multipurpose (they are usually marketed as being equally effective as nursing wraps, shopping cart covers, and infinity scarves), and this discovery just turned it into a five-in-one product!

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