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Mom Works Out at Walmart

When Haters Trolled 1 Mom For Working Out at Target, She Clapped Back by Doing This

Fitness guru Sia Cooper can squeeze in a workout practically anywhere — at an airport terminal, on the shore of a sandy beach, in bed, and even at a grocery store. The mother of two recently posted a harmless video of herself working out at Target with her kids in tow, causing mommy-shamers to rise from the depths of the internet to throw shade at her parenting skills. But Cooper didn't let the criticism get to her. She fired back the most glorious response: yet another workout video — this time, in Walmart.

In the video, she exercises throughout the discount superstore with her children, using diaper boxes to assist with weighted squats, her shopping cart as a prop for push-ups, and an ottoman to help with step-ups. Honestly, her resourceful workouts gave us quite the dose of fitness inspiration!

So why exactly did Cooper pick Walmart for her second grocery shopping workout video? The underlying reason is actually somewhat infuriating. When she posted her Walmart workout video on Instagram, she captioned it with the following explanation: "So someone negatively commented yesterday that I should've done my video in Walmart because I would've fit in better (in regards to my viral Target workout video) referring to the common thought that Walmart is a crazy, trashy place. Soooo... I did! Because that's how I clapback at my haters." Heck yes, Sia — you tell those trolls!


Many of Cooper's loyal social media followers were quick to support her sassy comeback. One commented, "Great job for getting your workouts in and teaching your babies how to live healthy," and another wrote, "Let the haters hate! Love your videos no matter where they are!" Now that's the type of positivity we like to see!

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