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The Most Popular Baby Name Ever as of 2019

The Most Popular Baby Name of the Past Century Is Still Trendy — For Both Girls and Boys!

Over the past 100 years, despite the rising and falling of popular baby names, one name has been given to the most babies — 4,792,954 baby boys, to be exact — since 1918: James. And even in the years that the name's fallen to as low as number 19 on the Social Security Administration's top names list that's released every year, it's still considered the most popular over any other name.

And that doesn't even count the number of girl Jameses there are in the world (hello, James Reynolds!). So not only is the name the most popular of the past 100 years, it's still highly trendy and popular for babies of both sexes (according to the most recent data, in 2017, it was ranked number four most popular for boys).

Knowing this, would you choose the name James for your little one?

Image Source: Unsplash
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