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Mother's Day Cards For Every Woman in Your Life

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Source: American Greetings

We've partnered with American Greetings to help you shower all the women in your life — from your stepmom to your grandma to your sister-in-law — with love this Mother's Day. Plus, save 10% with Cartwheel in the Target app on Mother's Day cards!

Today, the "typical" family is anything but. While you might live down the street from a family with a mom, dad, and three kids, you might have grown up in a blended family with children from three separate marriages or been raised by your grandparents. Instead of fitting into a cookie-cutter outline, modern families come in all shapes, sizes, and combinations.

For Mother's Day, it only seems fitting to celebrate all the maternal figures in your life — moms, grandmas, aunts, and fellow mom friends alike. In the spirit of a thoroughly modern Mother's Day, we've rounded up 16 heartfelt cards that showcase the diversity of today's moms. Best of all, they're all available online or at your local Target store, and you'll even save 10% with Cartwheel in the Target app when you shop Mother's Day cards through May 12. Just remember to order your cards by May 6 to make sure they arrive in time for Mother's Day, if you do order online. Happy shopping!