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Note to Breastfeeding Moms in Wedding Invite

Yes, This Ignorant Note to Nursing Moms Attached to a Wedding Invite Is Real Life

This is disgusting, but unfortunately this is not surprising. It's never okay to expect or demand that a mom breastfeed...

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Monday, September 18, 2017

Buckle up, y'all — your blood is about to boil so aggressively, you'll be able to cook pasta in it.

We can all agree, I'm sure (I hope) that no one — not a man, woman, grandmother, stranger — has a right to tell a woman what to do with her own body, right? Right. Well, one groom-to-be and his future bride decided that they were excluded from this rule of life when they sent out a separate note in their wedding invitation informing all of the "mommies who are breastfeeding" that though they are sensitive to their nursing needs, they can't have women whipping out their breasts in front of their other wedding guests.

Here's the note in full:

To all our mommies who are breastfeeding, we are thinking of you; we are sensitive to the fact that you may need to breastfeed during our event, therefore we have designated an appropriate place for you to feed your baby so that you do not have to do so in public in front of our Family and Friends. For your convenience we are accommodating you with a comfortable and private area with chairs and baby blankets in the ladies room. We request that you use this area when you are breastfeeding. Thank you.

Yes, this is real life. The horrible note was shared by a nursing mom of two — whose husband was actually the best man at this wedding — to the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page, where it has garnered hundreds of comments in support of the nursing mama. The mom says she's had "arguments" with this couple before over breastfeeding. "They have multiple times voiced that I need to go elsewhere to do that in 'private!'" the mom wrote.

However, being a decent human being, she knew she had a difficult choice to make over whether or not her kids should even come with her to the wedding, as she didn't want to cause any issues.

"I was going to just be nice and let my best girl friend watch my two kids (ages 2 and 3 months) and she would wet nurse my youngest (she's still nursing her 2-year-old as well) because we haven't found a bottle my youngest will take yet and wet nursing doesn't bother me. Hubby and I were just gonna make it a date night," she wrote. "But apparently that wasn't okay either. So I said I would just bring my littlest baby to the wedding then, but no way in hell I will leave and nurse her in the bathroom (no matter how 'nice' they make it!). I don't eat in the bathroom I'm not feeding my child in there! I want to be 'nice' as possible but what should I do!?"

According to the moderator of the Breastfeeding Mama Talk page, the mom ended up leaving both of her children with her friend and a grandparent.

You win this time, haters, but that certainly does not make this type of treatment OK.

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