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Olivia Villa's Poem About Being a Girl

Everyone Needs to See This 7th-Grader's Chilling Description of Being a Girl

7th grader delivers powerful message in slam poem

When a 7th grade writing class at Queen Creek Middle School presented poems for their end of year assignment, one student stood out with a powerful message

Posted by 12 News on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thanks to our society, the challenges of womanhood start way before a young girl goes through puberty, and a strong seventh-grader is breaking the internet with her explanation of why it's so hard to be female, at every age and stage.

A clip of Olivia Villa presenting her final writing assignment is going viral as the middle school student blows people away with her spoken-word poem — and powerful performance. It begins with her standing in front of a classroom filled with her peers and asking, "Why am I not good enough?" As she continues sharing her bold and insightful thoughts, Olivia nails all of the difficulties that girls face daily, and her emotional performance will send chills down your spine.

As the fierce tween outlines the endless issues she deals with just trying to fit in and the unrelenting pressure to be physically the same as everyone else, her vulnerability yet power are something to be shared and not just seen.

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