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Original Baby Boy Names

15 Unexpected and Original Names For Baby Boys

Searching for baby boy name inspiration? You've come to the right place! Coming up with a striking, solid name that you'll love for a newborn and that will suit him well into adulthood is no easy task. We've combed the web, our own mental rolodexes, and more to bring you 15 boys' names that are unexpected, unusual, or just something you may not have thought of before. Scroll down, and be inspired!

  1. Lincoln: History buffs will dig the presidential reference — the very trendy Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard liked it so much, they used it for their baby girl.
  2. Enzo: It translates to "rules an estate" in both Spanish and Italian. Expect big things from this manly man.
  3. Pierce: Meaning "rock," it doesn't get much more solid than a baby named Pierce.
  4. Chance: Its English origins translate to "good fortune."
  5. Sebastian: On the rise in terms of popularity, Sebastian has Greek origins and was the name of choice of celeb parents James Spader, Malin Akerman, and Tommy Hilfiger.
  6. Finn: With Irish origins, Finn is charming, fun, and spirited. Famous Finns include Christy Turlington and Ed Burns's son and Tori Spelling's youngest boy.
  7. Spencer: Meaning "house steward" or "dispenser of provisions," Spencer sounds posh yet approachable.
  8. Sawyer: Sawyer translates to "woodcutter" and has English origins.
  9. Rufus: Meaning "redhead," Rufus has become an increasingly popular and hip name in recent years.
  10. Jayce: There's no history behind it, but for the decidedly modern mom, Jayce may have just the amount of originality she's looking for.
  11. Trent: English in origin, Trent is a strong single-syllable name often associated with the British river of the same name.
  12. Zane: Zane is a Hebrew name meaning "God's gracious gift."
  13. Maddox: With Welsh origins, Maddox was the name of choice for Angelina Jolie's first child.
  14. Hudson: An increasingly popular name that would also work for a baby girl, Hudson evokes the river to the west of Manhattan.
  15. Miller: More common as a surname, Miller boasts English origins and translates to "grinder of grain."
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