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Parental Advisory POPSUGAR Parenting Facebook Group

Join Our Exclusive Facebook Group For the Tips, Stay For the Laughs

Let me guess: social media took a totally different turn when you became a mom. Where you once logged on to Facebook every morning to untag yourself in whatever embarrassing photos your friends posted from the night before, you are now eagerly creating albums devoted to your baby's adventures. Before, you probably rolled your eyes at hashtags, but now you have one for each of your kids . . . and their friends. You might have even thought it was lame to strike up digital conversations with complete strangers, but now some of your biggest supporters and most trusted advisors are only a click away.

That's how we certainly feel on the parenting team at POPSUGAR. We might be experts in our field, but we're also anxious moms eager to connect with others.

So we decided to create a new Facebook group where we can all hash out our problems (ahem, potty-training . . .), pat ourselves on the backs (you deserve an Olympic medal for navigating that toddler tantrum!), and just swap stories in real time. Yes, even on weekends, and definitely at 3 a.m. when you're up nursing and no one is texting you back.


May I proudly present Parental Advisory — Life With Kids! We hope you'll join us. We have wine.*

*OK, we don't have a Facebook liquor license just yet, but we're working on it! See you online, mamas!

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