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Parenting Advice Moms Are Tired of Hearing

These Are the 17 Pieces of Advice Real Moms Are Tired of Hearing

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It certainly does take a village to raise a child, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you want the entire village weighing in on every single thing you do as a parent. Between people you know (and don't know) who have children, your own family, and — the best — friends who don't even have or want kids, the unsolictied advice can get a little old and overwhelming. There comes a time when you just need to raise up your hands and proclaim, "Mama knows best."

We asked real moms, "Which piece of advice are you most tired of hearing when it comes to raising your kids?" and have a feeling that you've probably heard some of these 17 gems as well.

  1. "'Let them eat what they want when they want.' . . . And no, they're not eating what they want when they want. I'm not a short order cook and and snacks aren't meals!" — Nicole
  2. "No tv before age 2. So that means everyone else has to watch in private. Come on!" — Meggan
  3. "You need to have more kids so she isn't an only child. She'll never learn how to share with others." — Becky
  4. "Stop cleaning my house and spend more time with my daughter." — Doreen
  5. "'You should let him eat more sweets.'" — Laura-Sian
  6. "'Boys will be boys, just let them go.'" — Skye
  7. "'If you always pick him up when he cries at night, he'll never sleep through the night...'" — Maria
  8. "Anything starting with 'if it was my kid..' from someone with no kids." — Arika
  9. "'The book says…'" — Kacie
  10. "That I need to stop breastfeeding when he gets teeth or at 1." — Paige
  11. " That I hold my daughter to much!!!!!" — Krystal
  12. "'You need to spank him or he won't grow up to be an adjusted adult in society.'" — Carrie
  13. "My auntie ( who doesn't have kids) said I had to breastfeed my youngest cuz bottle fed babies r always Ill and she will be fat." — Anne Marie
  14. "The 'scare threats' that start out like 'just wait 'til she...'" — Christie
  15. "'You need to make sure everything is certified organic and absolutely no sugar.' Psssh. I'm a single mom of two. Organic is expensive and they eat 3 bites no matter what it is anyway." — Amber
  16. "Anytime anyone without kids self righteously proclaims anything they will or won't do as a parent I roll my eyes. Keep dreaming darlin." — Jesika

And perhaps, the be-all and end-all of annoying comments is simply:

  1. "Pretty much anything that is unsolicited. Anything." — Amy

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