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Photo of Girl Looking at Inclusive Ulta Ad

This Mom's Powerful Photo Captures Why Inclusive Advertising Is So, So Important

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Posted by Carolyn Kovacs Anderson on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Carolyn Kovacs Anderson, a mom who has a daughter with a rare disease that requires her to be in a wheelchair, knows the power of inclusive advertising. But after seeing her daughter's reaction while walking past an Ulta store in Leesburg, VA, the significance of images really hit home. In a now-viral Facebook post, Carolyn shared a photo of her daughter gazing up at an ad showing a woman in a wheelchair.

"Well Ulta, you absolutely stopped my girl in her tracks this evening," she captioned the heartwarming photo. "It was mesmerizing to watch her stop, turn, and gaze at this poster. So thank you." The image blew up as soon as it was posted to social media, amassing over 52,000 shares thanks to its positive message.

While we've seen amazing new adaptive clothing lines from brands like Cat & Jack and Urban Pipeline, we're hoping to see even more advertising images like this make their way onto storefronts.

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