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Pillsbury Unicorn and Galaxy Funfetti Cake Mixes

PSA For Funfetti Fanatics: Unicorn and Galaxy Mixes Now Exist, So Get Ready to Bake

Pillsbury Unicorn and Galaxy Funfetti Cake Mixes
Image Source: Pillsbury

Pillsbury's Funfetti mix is a classic, which is why it hasn't changed since 1989. But a twist on the original in the form of Unicorn Funfetti and Galaxy Funfetti is definitely welcome, because it's 2019 and that's what we do now. Pillsbury's Unicorn and Galaxy Frosting and Cake Mix combinations have officially hit shelves, and they're even more fun than the 30-year-old favorite.

The unicorn-inspired mix has strawberry cake and cupcake mix with yellow and purple candy bits, vanilla frosting with purple and pink unicorns, yellow stars, and pink and blue sprinkles. The galaxy mix has Space Blue Vanilla frosting with yellow stars, orange moons, silver rocket ships, and white sprinkles, paired with yellow cake and cupcake mix with blue and purple candy bits. There's obviously no other choice than to break out your cake pan ASAP. Birthdays will never be the same!

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