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Pink Mistakes Son's Age in Documentary Trailer

The Parenting Blunder Caught on Tape That Made Pink Respond, "Ah, Sh*t!"

Even before she became a mom, Pink was widely adored for her no-f*cks-given attitude, something she definitely hasn't lost since having her daughter, Willow, and son, Jameson. That attitude paired with oh-so-typical parenting blunders is perhaps the reason Pink is such a beloved celebrity mom — the woman is relatable, if nothing else. In an Apple Music documentary celebrating her badass music career, particularly the making of her latest album, Beautiful Trauma, the singer showed off that relatability tenfold when she aged her baby son by over seven years.

In a trailer for the documentary that the mom posted to Twitter, she's outlining the long process of making an album, when toward the end she slips up, adding the responsibilities she has to her kids — ages 6 years and 8 months at time of filming — into the crazy mix. "Making an album is so many moving pieces . . . " she says. "So it's rehearsals and it's putting on shows, and then your 6-year-old has surf camp and your 8-year-old has a vaccination, and then your album is out."

The singer laughs after finally completing the enormous list of steps, until you hear the guy behind the camera mumble something to her, inspiring the response: "I said 8-year-old? Ah, sh*t." Of course, she continues laughing right after that, a true testament to her character and an honest acceptance of how crazy life with kids (especially when you're touring the world) can be.


If you can't laugh at how exhausted you are, are you even really a parent?

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