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Play-Doh at Costco

Forget Halloween Candy — You Can Buy Play-Doh in Bulk For Less Than $10

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The hours of sensory-inducing, creative play you can squeeze out of a small tub of Play-Doh is almost shocking. Whether you have a toddler who delights in the simple pleasure of working it in his hands or an older child who uses tools to create Play-Doh masterpieces, there's a reason this product has captivated imaginations for so long. If you're looking for an affordable resource for buying Play-Doh in bulk, Costco has officially come to your rescue!

When Instagram user @everydaywithmsk snapped a picture of the package of Play-Doh she picked up at Costco, we couldn't help but think about all of the ways the $10 pack of 50 mini Play-Doh containers could come in handy. While this teacher plans to hand it out to her students as a back to school treat, we're thinking it could be equally useful for filling birthday party goodie bags and holiday stockings, handing out to trick-or-treaters, or just keeping around the house. Now excuse us while we book it to the nearest Costco!

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