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Popular Lies Told About Motherhood

These Moms Are Calling Bullsh*t on the 5 Lies You're Told About Motherhood

Can you recall some of the lies you were tricked into believing about motherhood before you actually experienced it yourself? Well, Cat and Nat can. The popular video bloggers — real names Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer — recently shattered the many myths they were told about motherhood in a new video.

The two moms narrow down their list to five major lies. There's the notion that you'll have a natural intuition to follow, when really "it's the exact opposite of intuition and it's called paranoid hysteria." Expecting mothers are also typically told that motherhood with all of its idiosyncrasies is so natural. The two moms call bullsh*t on that when they bring up the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding.

Though Cat and Nat run through various other flat-out lies, they ultimately land on the one truth that ends up accurately checking out: "There is actually a factual thing though: those teeny tiny humans in your life are amazing."

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