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Postbaby Self-Care Tips

Celebrity Nutritionist and Wellness Expert Kelly LeVeque Shares 5 Self-Care Tips For New Moms

The weeks and months after you have a baby can be the biggest mix of emotions. You're tired, sore, happy, hormonal, and so many other things all rolled into one. And since keeping your new little human alive is now your main focus, it can be hard to find any time for yourself. But you still matter! POPSUGAR recently spoke with Kelly LeVeque, a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and celebrity health coach, about little things you can do every day to make sure your needs still remain a priority when you become a parent.

Kelly, who is also the author of Body Love: Every Day, which comes out in April 2019, encourages new moms to make small changes in order to develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life. So if you're feeling a little overwhelmed and not like yourself after having a baby, keep reading to see what you can start doing now to feel stronger and better than ever.

1. Commit to a Green Smoothie

Kelly, whose celebrity clients include Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, and Molly Sims, always commits to starting her day with a Fab Four smoothie. "As a new mom, it helps ensure I'm fueled quickly with the perfect balance of protein, fat, fiber, and greens," she told POPSUGAR. "That way, if the day escapes me or lunch happens later, I'm still balanced. Plus, if friends bring by celebratory treats or we resort to ordering takeout, I can feel good that I still drank my greens!" Her big tip: buy bulk protein powder, shelf-stable fats like MCT or coconut oil, and fiber like chia or flax to ensure you always have what you need. Frozen spinach also is a great smoothie hack, because it doesn't wilt and you never need to add ice.


2. Make Sunday Self-Care a Family Affair

If your kids try to get in on your self-care routine, incorporate them sometimes in small ways. "I love the bath and so does my son Sebastian, so instead of giving up my Sunday soak, I pull him in with me," Kelly explained. "I don't mind ditching all of my scented bath oils for the coziest 30 minutes of my week. A little hypoallergenic baby bath from Honest and a few tablespoons of Now Magnesium Flakes and we're both beyond relaxed and ready for bed."

3. Roll Through Nap Time

Kelly suggests trying to get your baby to take one nap a day in the stroller bassinet. "Getting out of the house and walking is the best way to get moving again and prevent being stir crazy in the first few weeks," she said. "It's also the perfect transition back into your workout routine."

4. Take Your Supplements

Any task as a new mom can be daunting, so be gentle with getting back into the swing of self-care. "Start with simply taking your supplements with a big glass of water," Kelly urged. "As a breastfeeding mom, I'm prioritizing probiotics, a prenatal multivitamin, and omega-3s, because I know those nutrients are being passed on via breast milk."

5. Nuts . . . Keep You From Going Nuts

You might get stuck at the pediatrician, be forced to pull off the freeway to feed your hungry baby, or simply be running behind because leaving the house with a newborn is like a rocket launch, but packing healthy, shelf-stable snacks can keep you sane. "Pack nuts in your diaper bag to prevent needing to resort to unhealthy snacks or skipping meals," Kelly said. "Nuts contain protein, fat, and fiber to help you regulate hunger hormones and balance blood sugar. My favorites include walnuts, macadamia nuts, and marcona almonds."

Image Source: Kelly LeVeque
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