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Powerful Texting While Driving Ad

WATCH: This Powerful Ad About Distracted Driving Will Change the Way You Drive

You've heard it before, but never has it been illustrated as powerfully as this. AT&T's latest "It Can Wait" ad brutally shows what can happen when your eyes are taken off the road — even for a second. Where past ads in the anti-texting-and-driving campaign have focused on actual texting while driving, "Close to Home" is designed to remind drivers that even a glance at a phone can result in fatal consequences.

In the four minute full-length version of the ad (30-second versions are airing on TV), we are introduced to several "characters" going about their daily activities — watering the lawn, riding their bike through the neighborhood, talking to a spouse about dinner plans — when a mother quickly glances at her phone to see the number of "likes" she has on a photo of her daughter.

You can probably guess what happens next. It's a gripping reminder of the consequences of a split second distraction and one that will probably stick with you long after the video ends. At least that's what AT&T are hoping. They close out the video with a blunt reminder, "No post, glance, email, search, or text is worth a life."

Watch it and tell us: does the shocking ad make you rethink your actions?

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