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Pregnant Moana "How Far I'll Go" Cover

This Pregnant-Lady Version of Moana's "How Far I'll Go" Is Catchy as Hell

Moana is officially the new Frozen when it comes to mom parodies. The latest? A pregnant woman, overdue and exhausted, belting out "How Long I'll Go" to the tune of the hit "How Far I'll Go."

We wish we'd thought of it first — the lyrics were just asking to be redone by a 40-plus-weeks-pregnant mom. Case in point: "I wish I could meet this perfect daughter / But I cannot break my water, no matter how hard I try." And of course, there's the catchy as hell chorus: "No one knoooows how large I'll groooow / Thought I wasn't prepared, now my due date's behind meeee / Can't reach my tooooes . . ."

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