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Pregnant Mom Saves Boy From Drowning

At 33 Weeks Pregnant, a Mom Stopped a Boy From Drowning While Teaching Her Sons to Swim

Stephanie Swedberg, a mom who's currently 33 weeks pregnant, had to think quickly when she heard screams while spending the day at Crystal Beach Park in Minnesota on July 21. As a former lifeguard and competitive swimmer, Stephanie immediately rushed to one frantic mother's aid, who was concerned her son was drowning while he was playing with friends in deeper water.

Though she was working on teaching her 3-year-old sons how to float, she handed off her kids to her sister to help the boy in question. "I've just known with these guys that I wanted them to learn how to swim as soon as possible," Stephanie told Fox 9 News of her sons. She added, of the incident: "I didn't really realize anything was off until I saw one of the moms fully dressed, sprinting into the water and screaming for somebody to help her son. Then I looked over and I saw one of the boys unable to keep his head above the water."

Although the boys in question were between the ages of 10 and 14, Stephanie wants to remind parents that being a strong swimmer doesn't necessarily come with age. "He wasn't screaming . . . he was just thrashing around, bobbing a little bit," she said. "I encouraged him to keep taking swimming lessons and maybe become a lifeguard [himself]."

All parents should make sure they brush up on water safety tips with their kids, no matter their ages, before hitting the pool, beach, or lake this Summer.

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