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Pregnant Woman on London Tube Asked to Prove Pregnancy

The Way This Pregnant Woman Was Treated on the Train Will Make Your Blood Boil

These days, it's becoming less and less common that able-bodied folks to give up their seats for the elderly and handicapped. But one pregnant London woman experienced something absolutely infuriating when she dared to ask for a "priority" seat (reserved for those unable to stand for long periods) on the train. Raayan Zafar, an expectant mother taking the Tube, was rudely confronted by another passenger over her request.

"Where is the baby?" demanded a 40-something man after Zafar politely asked to take the priority seat from another man, who was perfectly willing to vacate it.

Zafar, who is not far along but is being medicated for morning sickness, was wearing one of Transport For London's designated "Baby on Board" pins to signal her condition — an indicator that is meant to prevent awkward situations like this. "Travelling on the Tube can be tricky for mums-to-be, but having a Baby on Board badge makes it easier by letting other passengers know that you have a very good reason to need a seat," explains the public transit organization's website. However, despite her deliberate choice to wear the badge, Zafar still faced backlash when asking for a seat on the train.

"I was shocked — is that the way to speak to a pregnant lady?" said the mom-to-be of her frustrating experience. "Do I have to carry my maternity notes with me all the time?"

What do you think about the situation — was the other passenger justified in challenging Zafar's right to the priority seat, or should others trust women (even expectant moms too early on for baby bumps) to be honest about their pregnancies? Let us know in the comments!

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