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Reasons to Love Being a Single Mom

5 Reasons I Love Being a Single Parent

Being a single parent isn't easy, but neither is rocket science, finding a guy who knows the difference between "your" and "you're," or surviving an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse without wanting to strangle yourself to death. But even though single motherhood may have its cons and downfalls, there are so many wonderful things to embrace about being a single mom.

More of the Love

No kidding! Even though my child's father is an active parent, when my daughter is with me, I get every inch of that love! Our bond is so very tight, and we have gotten the chance to develop a close relationship, because when it's "Mommy time," it's "Mommy time," and that means all of the kisses and hugs, too. How can anyone not cherish that?


Instead of fighting with my former spouse, my home with my daughter gets to be a haven for us. This means my daughter and I have a happy environment to live and exist in, and when you have been on the flip side, trust me — you appreciate what it's like to live without tension right under your nose.

My Ideas

I try to respect what my coparent is doing, but there are things I do that he would never do and vice versa. But as a single parent during my time, I can parent the way I feel is best for her and use my strengths to my best ability. Not only does this follow for parenting, but my home and schedule can be run in a manner that I see fit. Does it mean that I am more tired and have no help? Yes, but it also means that I can try out new things and keep what works for me without someone else's objections.

Strong Example

Being a single mom means my daughter already knows that women can be whatever they want and that a woman doesn't need to rely on a man or anyone for help unless she wants someone's help and that person respects her. My daughter sees a woman in 360 degrees; from work to nurture and care, I am her guideline to all she can do and achieve, and I think I am setting a positive example for her on the endless possibilities a woman has in life.

I Grew

Becoming a single parent is possibly the hardest thing I have done in my life, but it has also required me to grow in ways I never believed I could. During the lowest point (in which I had to find a new home for me and her on little money), I was stretched to what I thought was my breaking point, but in reality, I was simply experiencing growing pains. I could survive it! This means that I could truly enjoy the highest points, like being able to celebrate her birthday with only my family and friends without any stress or tension from a torn marriage. All that joy and hard work I own — it's mine! I cherish the moments I have had to grow because it has set me on the right journey, even if sometimes it feels incredibly hard.

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