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Restaurant's Funny Kids' Menu

Who Created This Restaurant's Kids' Menu? Because We Want to Give Them a Medal of Honor

This menu designer understands kids. from KitchenConfidential

When you sit down at a restaurant with kids, here's how the conversation goes:

Parent: "What do you want to eat?"

Kid: "I don't know."

Parent: "Do you want a grilled cheese?"

Kid: "I don't want that."

Parent: "Do you want tater tots?"

Kid: "What?"

Parent: (Lowers head in defeat.)

It's enough to make you want to take that inevitably uneaten basket of chicken fingers you're about to order for them and hurl it out the nearest window.

Which is why we want to know what incredible parenting genius concocted this Fager Island restaurant's kids' menu.

No matter what your frustrating child says, you will know just what to order for them. Because every seasoned parent knows that "I'm not hungry" really means "I'm not hungry until I see the food on the table and then I'll eat half your entree."

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