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Sallie Axl Says Miscarried Baby Given to Her in Plastic Bag

A British Model Is Fuming: "I Should Not Have Been Left to Take My Dead Child Home in a Plastic Bag!"

After miscarrying her second child, British model and Big Brother contestant Sallie Axl was sent home from the hospital with her child still inside her. She thought that was the worst situation possible.

But seven weeks later, things got even worse. On her Facebook page she writes that she was rushed to the hospital when, "The hospital didn't remove my child and left the baby to infect me - causing me to have a haemorrhage, losing 40 per cent of my blood. My veins were collapsing and I was taken into emergency surgery - I didn't have long left to live and have honestly never been so scared in my life." The final straw came when they handed Sallie her miscarried baby in a box placed in a plastic bag, "My dead baby was treat[ed] no more than someone handing me over a takeaway . . . I should not of been left to take my dead child home in a plastic bag!'" See her entire post below:

On the 17th of July I received my dead baby at St Mary's hospital in a box and a plastic bag ...!! With that another...

Posted by Sallie Przybek on Monday, September 21, 2015

Since posting her story on Monday and asking people to share it so the National Health Service would take notice, it has gone viral.


The NHS responded via a tweet that didn't go over too well with Sallie, or the general public.

Sallie says she shared her post so that other women wouldn't be treated as disrespectfully as she was. Only time will tell if NHS changes their policies.

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