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Sam's Club Employees' Kindness Toward Boy With Down Syndrome

How 2 Sam's Club Employees Went Above and Beyond For a Boy With Down Syndrome

After shopping at their local Sam's Club, Carter and his mom were ready to check out. They noticed one cashier smiling in her aisle and without giving it too much thought, they got in her lane. That simple decision ended up changing the rest of their day, as the cheery employee immediately befriended the 6-year-old with Down syndrome.

"Carter walks around the register and wants to help her," Carter's mom, April Jones Rouse, told Today. "I told him to scan a couple of items and come on, and she said, 'No, he's fine.' She didn't hesitate or rush."

After the enthusiastic child enjoyed his chance to examine the cash register and check out his own groceries, another kind stranger stopped by. The store manager, Mike Russo, had noticed the heartwarming interaction and wanted to add to the child's excitement.


He complimented Carter on a job well done and then asked April if he could borrow Carter for a minute. "He comes back downstairs and Carter has his vest on — he had put little buttons on the vest," April said. Mike then took Carter around to meet other staff members before the child joyfully thanked him with a heartfelt kiss on the cheek.

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