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Sandra Bullock on Being a Chill Mom

Sandra Bullock’s Daily Parenting Schedule Starts at 5:30 With Breakfast and Ends With Mayhem

Don't get it twisted, y'all: Sandra Bullock is not a chill mom. In an appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan, Kelly mentioned that she imagines the mom of two to be a "supercool, superchill mom," but was met with a "No, none of the above," from Sandra. The actress said that she feels like she doesn't know any cool moms, and that even though everyone thinks they're chill, they actually wake up and panic all day (sound familiar?).

The mom — who said she has "a big neurosis when it comes to her kids" but that she's trying to chill out a bit — explained why it's so hard to be calm most of the time through describing the family's daily schedule. "We get up at 5:30 [a.m.], we do the breakfast and the lunches and then I drive the kids with carpool . . . I drop those people off. I come back home and I try to work out, I do my meetings, I do my house stuff . . . I go pick up the kids, bring 'em home, and watch them fight for the rest of the day. That's what I do."

So she may not have the capacity to be chill right now with a "5-year-old teenager" under her roof who fights with her 8-year-old all day, but she did say that even though she doesn't know that she's a normal mom, she's enjoying the parenting process. Sounds about right!

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