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School Vaccinates Student Without Permission

School Vaccinates Student Without Parents' Permission

Should a school be allowed to vaccinate its students? If you ask Letisha Huff, the answer is no. The Idaho mother is fuming after the West Ada School District issued a vaccine to her 8-year-old son without her consent. The vaccine was given as part of a pilot program that allows students to receive flu shots at school. But in order for students to participate, their parents must first sign a consent form.

When asked how this happened, school district representative Eric Exline said they simply mixed up the forms. He adds that since the incident, forms are being triple checked to ensure only students with permission are receiving the vaccine. Huff says she is not antivaccination, but she prefers they be done at a doctor's office in case children have negative reactions. This mix-up with her son makes her question the legitimacy of the pilot program. "These are our children," she says. "This isn't something we should be practicing on them."

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