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Should Boys Be Paid the Same Allowance For Chorse as Girls?

Should Boys Be Paid the Same Allowance For Chores as Girls?

When you ask a roomful of adults about the gender wage gap, there's a good chance you'll find yourself in the middle of a heated debate with no clear end — or answer — in sight. But, refreshingly, when a similar question is asked of children, they make it all seem so simple.

In honor of Equal Pay Day, The Female Quotient released a video in which women asked kids of all ages the same thing: "If I ask a boy and a girl to do a chore, and I pay the boy a dollar to do that job and the girl 79 cents, is that fair?"

Their answers?

No, not at all!
That's stupid! Wait, that's sexist!
Not fair.
79 cents isn't one dollar — it's 79 cents!
It's not like the girl's better or the boy's better. They're both the same.
No because we're both humans.
No! That means she might be sad and pretty much mad.

If these kids can see the obvious inequity in that 21-cent difference in their allowance, can't the rest of the US?

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