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Signs You're a Hot Mess Mom

You Know You're a Hot Mess Mom If You Do Any of These 16 Things

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Being a "hot mess" before kids is looked at as almost endearing, but once you have kids, all of the other Pinterest moms and Type A parents look at you a bit . . . differently. You're the mom who likely forgets it's her day to bring snacks or leaves the kids waiting for carpool well past the pickup time. But for whatever you lack in organizational skills, you have an overabundance of other assets, like being able to shake the small stuff (play to your strengths, Mama).

Every mom goes through their hot mess stage — raising little humans is no easy feat — but read through for 16 signs you are a true hot mess mom.

  1. You always have some kind of unidentifiable stain on your clothes. That looks a little like peanut butter, but you can't remember the last time you actually ate peanut butter.
  2. You never have to wait on the carpool line, because by the time you pull up late, everyone's gone. But let's be honest, who's the mom who's winning here?
  3. You're constantly looking around the house for important items. School permissions slips you could swear you signed, car keys, your phone, the dog . . .
  4. You try to turn over a new leaf every once in a while by getting organized, but it never works out. You know you wrote that to-do list, but can't for the life of you remember where you put it.
  5. Your friends send you reminders of your responsibilities every single day. "Don't forget you're on carpool today!" "It's your day to bring snacks to preschool." What nags . . .
  6. Coffee isn't just a morning routine for you; it's your lifeline. Let's face it, you're coffee's b*tch.
  7. On the day you're in charge of snacks, you find yourself at the store that opened earliest to find something. But you can't remember anything about the snack guidelines, so you bring home peanut butter cookies for yourself and call it a day.
  8. You have one hundred reminders set to go off on your phone, but forget to do everything anyway. You know that your kid gets out of school at 3, yet every day you snooze that alarm and show up to school a half hour late.
  9. You "bathe" your kids with baby wipes more nights than you'd like to admit. . . . And sometimes yourself.
  10. You can never remember special days at school, even though the calendar is right on the fridge. So you sent your kid to school in pajamas a week too soon — who cares?
  11. You never have to go to the gym, because you're so busy chasing you kids around. You're a mess, so how could you expect them to ever sit still?
  12. You've been wearing the same leggings for so many days, you've lost count. You think you wore pants with a button recently, but it could have been months ago.
  13. You basically throw a party on the days you get your kid's schedule right, because you know that it's a crapshoot even for Type A moms. Got your kid to karate on time on the right day? Let's eat cake!
  14. Your dinners consist of the bottom-of-the-pan scrapings of mac and cheese and half-eaten hot dogs. Why make two meals when your kids can barely finish theirs?
  15. You're late for just about everything. But you never have to apologize because everyone just knows.
  16. You own one of those mugs that says, "Shhh, there's wine in here." And you mean it.

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