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Sisters Meet Adopted Sibling For the First Time

1 Mom Surprised Her Daughters With an Adopted Sister — and Their Reaction Is "Priceless"

The Pruitt family just got a little bit bigger, and no one was more excited than older sisters Raygen and Harper. The two girls welcomed a brand new little sister, whom their parents finally adopted after a 10-month wait.

Parents Shane and Kasi Pruitt got the good news that there was a baby available for adoption on July 25 but decided to keep it a secret from their other children in case things fell through.

On July 27, Shane posted a video on Twitter of the big surprise with the caption: "We got a call about a quick adoption. Our kids had no clue, so this is how we told them about their BABY SISTER. Their reactions [are] priceless."

Though the family has adopted two sons in the past few years, their newest little addition brought in some serious excitement since Raygen and Harper have wanted a little sister to dote on.

And the reaction the new parents got were priceless. Six-year-old Harper was completely surprised screaming, "Are you kidding me?" in the video, while her older sister, 11-year-old Raygen, started to cry.

In the month that the Pruitt family has had their new bundle of joy, Raygen and Harper have taken their roles as older sisters very seriously.

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