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Splash Swim Goggles That Don't Pull Your Hair

These Goggles Allow Kids and Adults to Put Them on Without Pulling Half Their Hair Out

Splash Swim Goggles That Don't Pull Your Hair
Image Source: Splash Swim Goggles

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Adults and children alike, we've all been there: you're trying to get a pair of tight swimming goggles on or off your head and along with the grunting noises that escape your mouth out of frustration, half of your head of hair pulls out thanks to the thin rubber straps. But it doesn't have to be this way, people!

While on vacation recently, I watched a mom toss each of her kids a pair of colorful goggles, which they were all able to get on easily, without help and without wanting to scream in pain. The strap was wide, covering most of the back of the kids' heads for a secure and comfortable fit, and looked to be made of a stretchy fabric. When I asked the mother about the genius goggles, she told me they were Splash Swim Goggles, and that they'd changed her whole damn life.

The best part about these high-visibility goggles with anti-fog lenses? One size fits kids and adults.

Ashley, the creator of Splash Swim Goggles, says she created the idea for the brilliant swim gear while prepping for a family vacation of her own. "My son's swim goggles were broken — again — it seemed like the rubber straps were always breaking! As I was trying to adjust my daughter's goggles to make sure they fit her properly, her hair kept getting pulled. She was becoming more and more frustrated and clearly expressed that she didn't want to bring them. I knew I had to do something, because who wants to spend their time at the pool messing with goggles that don't work and pull your hair?! That's when I designed the first pair of Splash Swim Goggles!"

Shop some of the most popular pairs of these clever goggles below.

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