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Student Given Assignment on Privilege

What Would You Do If Your Child Came Home With an Assignment Like This?

If your child came home and told you that their teacher gave them this to fill out, what would you do?

Posted by Regina Stiles on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

One seventh-grade student was given a school assignment that left her mom and others outraged. Regina Stiles posted a photo on her Facebook account of a form given to her child to fill out by her Spanish teacher. The form reads: "How much privilege do you have? Circle the boxes that apply to you." Listed on the sheet are options for race, skin color, religion, sexual orientation, and disability.

Regina told local reporters in Tampa, FL, that at the age of 12, her child was too young for such an assignment and that some of those things should be taught at home. A spokeswoman for the local school district, Tanya Arja, told TheBlaze that the lesson given by the teacher was unapproved by school leaders and was potentially compromising to a safe school environment. Since then, the instructor has been pulled from the classroom while the issue is under investigation. She told TheBlaze that the lesson was not required to be turned in but was an attempt to teach students about diversity and equality.

How would you react if your child came home with an assignment like this?

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