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Ta-Ta Towel Helps With Breastfeeding

OK, Stop Laughing — Ta-Ta Towels Are Actually a Really Genius Idea For Breastfeeding

OK, clearly you are looking at that picture – of the woman lounging about with a bizarre terry-cloth boob-holder wrapped around her breasts – and laughing. "What a joke!" you're probably thinking.

But hear me out.

The creator of the Ta-Ta Towel invented this product because she was sick of boob sweat while she was getting ready postshower and didn't want to be forced to wear a constrictive bra every minute of the day.

All well and good, but what she probably didn't realize about her bizarre-yet-clever idea is that it's even more genius for breastfeeding mamas — especially breastfeeding women like me who hate wearing bras and leak everywhere.


Here's why this silly Ta-Ta Towel is getting my solid, 100-percent-serious recommendation:

When I'm in the comfort of my own home, I like to nurse topless. It's really the best. I don't have to deal with nursing-bra clips, my baby isn't swatting away the fabric of my t-shirt, and I figure it's some great skin-to-skin bonding to boot. Plus, my overworked boobs can be as free as they need to be while churning out milk for a hungry infant.

There's only one big annoyance with my braless breastfeeding sessions: whichever nipple isn't currently being suckled by my bundle of joy is dripping like a leaky faucet. If I'd forgotten to grab a towel beforehand, which nine times out of 10 I have (I'm tired, give me a break), my tummy will end up getting soaked, and then over the course of the day, I'll notice the once subtle whiff of milk evolve into a rancid, eye-watering situation requiring a hot shower, for which I do not have time.

This Ta-Ta Towel, however, is the answer to my problem. It lets me still live my topless dreams – by wearing it, I'm still technically bra-free and sans shirt – but still sops up my leaking milk without me needing to have one hand pressed against my unused nipple. I can now use that free hand to check Facebook on my phone! Hidden benefit!

And, sure, it also helps with boob sweat, which is the least of my worries these days.

So, you might laugh at the thought of it (and balk at the $45 price tag, understandably), but I have a feeling if you just give it a try, the Ta-Ta Towel will be your new breast friend.

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