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Texas 16-Year-Old Adopted By English Teacher

This 16-Year-Old's Adoption Story Proves You're Never Too Old to Find a Family

Because so few teenagers in US foster care ever find adoptive families, many teens in the system give up hope of ever finding a forever family. That's exactly what 16-year-old Anthony Berry of Beaumont, TX had done . . . that is, until he met English teacher Bennie Berry, who would later become his mom.

Bennie and Anthony made headlines with their sweet story after finalizing the adoption on Nov. 18, surrounded by loved ones. "At first I thought he was making jokes until he actually explained the situation," explained a glowing Bennie to local press at the courthouse, describing the scene when Anthony asked her to adopt him. The pair struck a deal — if he would finish the schoolwork she'd just assigned, they would look at the adoption website together.

A year after meeting, it's official! Sharing smiles with loved ones during the adoption ceremony, Anthony gained a new mom and Bennie became a first-time parent. Anthony told reporters that everybody should consider adoption, because despite everything the world might throw your way, "There is always someone that will love you."


Hugging his new mom tightly, the beaming teen recalled the night before his adoption ceremony: "I told mom, I was like, 'I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep.' She was like, 'I don't think I am either.'"

Watch Anthony and Bennie's sweet story above, then read more about adoption here.

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