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Things to Know If Your Child's Zodiac Sign Is Cancer

8 Things to Know If Your Child's Zodiac Sign Is Cancer

Do you have a little one who was born between June 21 and July 22? Then you're a parent to a kiddo whose astrological symbol is Cancer. Summer babies born during this window have a pretty adorable water creature tied to their birthdays: a crab. And while their little pinchers are beyond sweet, they have a hard shell to match. People who identify with this sign are known for being particularly tenacious, imaginative, and moody. Here's what to expect if you have a teeny-tiny crab crawling around the house.

1. They're one of the most loyal signs.

Sure, a Cancer's shell is hard to crack, but once you win their trust and respect, you'll most likely be in their inner circle for life. These water signs will do almost anything for their small circle of family and friends, and that way of thinking is said to begin at birth. Cancers are known for being especially attached to their parents at a young age, so that means sending them off on their first day of school may be more challenging compared to other signs.

2. They tend to be extremely sensitive.

If a teacher told your kiddo to knock it off during recess, prepare to hear about it for at least a week. Children born during this time of year tend to be very sensitive to any criticism, even if it's well-meaning. But the good news? Extra discipline will rarely be needed on your end. Once they get an earful from an authority figure, they learn their lesson stat. Parents should also take extra measures to keep their kid from dwelling on their mistakes since grief isn't healthy for any sign.

3. They usually have a supercreative side.

People whose kids fall under this sign should do anything they can to facilitate their little Cancer's artistic tendencies. And we're not just talking in the drawing and painting sense. Cancers are known for being great writers, inventors, and filmmakers, so sign your little one up for any off-the-wall extracurricular that piques their interest.

4. They prefer to stay home more often than not.

Say it with us: homebodies. Cancers know there's a time and place for a good celebration, but when push comes to shove, they'd rather stay at home. Don't be surprised if your little one changes their mind about going to a birthday party you already RSVPed to, because it's usually nothing personal. But it's also crucial to emphasize the importance of honoring their commitments from a young age. You should also keep in mind that Cancers aren't in any way antisocial, they just like to snuggle and enjoy a little peace and quiet.

5. They can prove you wrong when you least expect it.

Tenacity is the crab's middle name. So while those who fall under the Cancer sign aren't great at taking criticism, they sure know how to act on it. Kids who are Cancer signs make for some of the best Cinderella stories: they use their claws to climb all the way to the top, even if they start at the very bottom.

6. Their mood swings can be hard to handle.

It doesn't take much to set off a Cancer, so be careful when you choose your words. A stern "no" can be taken as yelling and result in a knockdown, drag-out tantrum that comes totally without warning. The key for Mom and Dad is to keep your little crab on a steady feeding and sleeping schedule, as grumpiness is usually exacerbated when kiddos don't get enough of either.

7. They can be extremely persuasive.

People who fall under this sign know how to play coy, and that means they're masters of persuasion and, dare we say, manipulation if they're trying to get what they want. Be especially mindful of this quality if your oldest is a crab sign, as they can get their younger siblings to do pretty much anything with the right words and a bribe or two.

8. They're amazing listeners.

Got a problem of any kind? Cancers are all ears and pretty good at listening, too. They're known for being extremely sympathetic and happy to give you a big hug, a kiss on the cheek, and an ever-so-soft "It's gonna be OK, Mommy" if you're feeling down.

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